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Very Help for Me.and Study Material, Pdf, Ppt, Videos ,quations Are Help for Our Future Counsling Work. All Teacher and Kala Mem Which Give Intrnship Lecturers Are Easyly Understanding by Me. Nidan is a Best Organation and Their Work for Children Are Very Good. If Possible in Future I Will Organise a Seminar by All Lerans of Nidaan in Our School.
Amit kundal
I Happened to Join the Online Internship Quite by Chance. At the End of It, I Can Quite Happily Say That I Am Glad That I Did Join. The Internship Consisted of Lectures and Sessions by in House Staff as Well as Industry Experts and Covered a Wide Range of Topics. Not Only That, the Students Were Introduced to a Whole Lot of Reading Material and Inventories That Helped Understand the Subject Matter Better.
Sunitha Gedupudi  
Amazing sessions, full of learnings. Practical knowledge, self awareness, interactions and beautifully presented.
Monika Dwivedi
All the sessions were amazing and productive... I learned a lot from kala mohan mam, personally I loved the session of Dr. Nivriti mam on CBT and REBT.
I have been learning psychology from Ms. Kala Mam this summer and it has been a great experience. She is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how she presents the material. Her lessons were engaging, useful, and she was very patient with everyone in class always encouraging the students to bring their ideas to the class. I would highly recommend mam to anyone interested in learning psychology.
Gosiya Khan
MLB College, Indore
Kala Ma'am and Team was so patient with us. All are questions and confusions were always attended with lots of care. Her way of dealing with interns was very humble and down to earth. What I really like about her is she is very open in accepting other view points and also not shy aways of her limitations. Her way of taking class reminds me of GURUKUL culture, where there is discipline but we are set free to explore more. Also her huge collection of books which she shared with us is life long treasure.
Manali Bhoraskar
It was very insightful internship and helped us a lot in gaining perspective about the actual training sessions and understanding regarding human psychology.
Cheena Lunawat
MLB College, Indore
All sessions were wonderful and informative thank you so much all team of nidaan specially kala mam i have learn lots of things directly and indirectly
Jyoti Sharma
There's so much to know and you have been the bridge for us. Sessions tend to be really fun and engaging, not even once have I felt the passage of time. It tends to fly.
Rushina Thakkar
MLB College, Indore
Session was very great full n very informative we learned very much about psychology, case study, counseling etc. And every speaker is very good. Blessed to have part of these.
Ashita Chauradiya
Sessions are really very nice. All the guest speakers are so experienced and with Kala mam's jokes and laughter made the sessions so light, interesting and ya enriching too. I learned alot, but if I have attended it offline I would have learned more.
Nidhi Parmar
MLB College, Indore
Thank you for great course and great people who have taken are sessions also great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life example which all made for really enjoyable and informative. This has more than met my expectations. Thank you Kala Mohan ma'am and team.
Aditi Kharat
It Was Indeed a Wonderful Internship. We, Students of Ignou Are Fortunate Enough to Do Our Internship Under Mrs. Kala Mohan Ma'am. She and Her Entire Team Are Very Organised and Have in Depth Practical Knowledge of Subject.
Varuna Joshi
I Feel Really Blessed and Lucky to Be Able to Do My Internship at Nidaan, and to Connect to So Many Like Minded People, Starting From Kala Ma'am "Gem of a Person" to All the Trainers and Coordinators Who Helped Us Gain Knowledge and Gave Us an Insight Into This Field. Look Forward to Meet You All in Person and Wish to Work With You Ma'am Whenever Possible. Thank You for Giving Us the Wonderful Opportunity to Learn From You and I Believe This Journey Has Just Begun!
Surya Nair   
It was not only a session for me but a wonderful experience of learning where I enriched myself with the academic part along with the experiential process of gaining new knowledge. The organizer and speakers all are highly dedicated, content, precise and master in their zonar.I loved to be a part of this journey.
Pratima Shukla
Each session helped me alot to learn something new. at first I thought class timings is so odd in summers but I swear not in a single class I felt sleepy or boring. Mam by her charming smile made sessions so Interesting. Deepal mam thankyou for classes on body language it will definitely help me alot. Sonam mam too was super cool she made CBT so interesting with practical sessions. Thankyou so much
Vishakha Malukani
Gaining experience helped me a lot in understanding psychology to a next level. Not only academic wise but on a personal level and in my daily life was able to understand and apply the teachings which Mrs. Kalamohan has taught us during the 240 hours. Apart from the technical session ma'am personal interaction of few minutes were also very impactful and helped us a lot.
Pallavi Chandrani
The entire journey of internship was a great opportunity to understand the practical aspect of Counselling and guidance. The sessions were interactive and conducted by professionals of the relavant fields. Every other day, there is new learning of different perspective for day to day life. I specifically remember the first day of the internship, the aura that ma'am has created even in the online mode was very cheerful. And the most beautiful thing that I learnt was "khush rehne ka! Jo hota hai achhe ke liye hota hai!" Overall it was great learning experience and looking forward to being part of more of such programmes.
Aishwarya Jain   
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