“Nidaan”  is a Non Profit Voluntary Organisation registered in Registrar, Firms and Societies,   Bhopal-Narmadapuram Division, Bhopal. The organisation’s work is recognized by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and is registered with National Trust and NitiAayog. We offer all individuals regular educational plan  {Academic} through NIOS and School after School concept (for Regular School going Students).

We also offers Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Life Skills Training, Computer Education, Music, Dance, Physical Fitness, Sports, Regular Counseling, Behaviour Modification, Yoga and Meditation. We are accommodating any child who approaches us with any different or special need, they may be gifted, Normal or Special – “SCHOOL FOR EVERYONE”


Specialized Modules for Slow Learners & Low Achievers

  • Proper Identification of Skill – after effective screening procedure
  • Pre Learning Requisites for Writing, Reading &Arithmetic Learning
  • Remedial Teaching on the Basis of Screening Done.
  • IEP’s ( Specially designed individualized Educational Programmes as

per individual requirement of Child

    • Various Techniques/ Therapies like :
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • “PENS POWER”  Formula
    • Improvement in Grapho – Motor Skills
    • VAKT Multisensory Approach which comprises :-
      • V – Visualize ( Write )
      • A – Auditory ( Loud Reading )
      • K – Kinesthetic( Movement of Reading of Expression )
      • T – Tactile ( Touch Related )
    • Application of specialized Assessment Device for Children with Learning Problems
  • Speech Therapy with an application of
    • Educational Interventions
    • Phonemic Awareness
  • Training of Educational Therapy for their Academic Excellence
    • Strategic Teaching to increase “Active Mental Strength”
    • Application & Testing of Verbal & Non-Verbal Learning Disability within School Settings with the help of Authentic Psychometric.

Tests & Checklists:-

  • Dyslexia Identification Test
    • Dyscalculia Test
    • LD Identification
    • Authorized Approval of LD from RCI’s

Affiliated Clinical Psychologists