Inclusion : We firmly believe the INCLUSION of every individual and value the DIVERSITY.

Acceptance : We accept the DIVINE SOULS  the way, they are. We respect and love them unconditionally. 

Sensitivity : We understand and value it in word and spirit.

Honesty and Integrity : We firmly believe, what we preach we must practice – and work must speak in terms of  Integrityhappiness and blissful state of mind.

Humility &Humanity : We are committed to deal human beings (Being Human ) and Humanity

Ready to Learn& Improve : “KAIZEN” is the buzz word believed by every member of TEAM NIDAAN

Dedication &Devotion : Children are divine and  we call them “NADAANS OF NIDAAN”

Transparency : We at Nidaan is committed to a total transparent culture, everything is KNOWN to everyone.

(All stake Holders)